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Air Conditioning Loans

Need to finance a new Indoor Comfort System? No sweat.

Home Improvement Lending Programs

Xpress Financial offers two primary lending programs: standard installment financing and Same-As-Cash financing.

Standard Installment Financing Features
  • Fixed monthly payments that pay down principal and interest.
  • Competitive interest rates and terms - customers with excellent credit pay the lowest rates.
  • Completion funding, usually the same day you fax the Completion Certificate.
  • No cost to you, the contractor.

Same-As-Cash Financing Features
  • The basic customer features of our installment financing, including fixed monthly payments and extended terms.
  • Three Same-As-Cash options depending upon your need.
  • No interest charged to customer if the loan is paid off in the Same-As-Cash period.
  • Completion funding, usually the same day you fax the Completion Certificate

Become an Approved Contractor
If you are a replacement or home improvement contractor and want to learn more about how Xpress Financial can increase your sales, contact an Account Executive today at (866) 688.6608

If you need money for an Indoor Comfort System, offers financing options that provide year-round comfort. is a leader in home improvement financing – more than 350,000 people nationwide trust us to finance their dreams. That’s because we make it easy. Our credit decision process is fast, our paperwork is simple, and our interest rates are extremely competitive. You also get famous customer support, the best in the business.

With, financing for indoor comfort systems is no sweat. Don’t spend another uncomfortable minute.

Financing by is Easy!

  • Generous credit lines - so there’s no need to tie up your other credit cards.
  • Convenience – we bring the credit application process to you via the online Business Center.
  • Fast credit decisions - made within minutes.
  • No lien on your home – we offer a revolving line of credit.
  • Fast, easy paperwork - no pile of complicated forms to complete.
  • Special financing promotions – may make unexpected purchases less stressful.* can provide financing for furnaces, air conditioners, heat pumps, plumbing, electrical, geothermal, solar, parts and service, indoor air quality products, warranty work, and other HVAC products.

Talk to your dealer or contractor right now about fast, easy financing by

*Subject to credit approval

How Financing is Smarter

The Lowest Cost Way to Benefit from Financing Air Conditioning System

Air Conditioning Loans offers several options to get you up and running with clean energy air conditioning system for your home. Because the interest is tax-deductible, at today’s favorable interest rates, a lease finance or A/C loan is the lowest cost way for you to finance your purchase of a home comfort system. It will allow you to own you’re A/C system for a lower cost per month then your current electric utility bill, and you’ll benefit from the value of ownership. Not only will you convert to clean, and save energy which in turn decreases your energy bill, but you’ll gain an asset that increases your home’s value. For those who prefer the lowest payment possible or same as cash promotions, we also offer an air conditioning revolving loans similar to a credit card with a low rate, you have a minimum payment each month, but in 6, 12, 18, 24 months. You can pay it off for the same as if you were to pay cash for your purchase months later. On the revolving A/C loan if you decide not to pay the balance in full then you will just continue your low monthly payment with interest rates between 6%-13.99%. The loans are unsecured and do not require or affect the equity in your home.

Put Your Trust in Airconditioningloans.Com Complete A/C Solution works with financing partners who know the value of a energy saving A/C system and offer competitive rates and terms. Our team of financing experts can answer your questions and address your concerns, so you feel confident you’re making the best possible financial choice. Finance you’re A/C System with the Smarter Financing Program

Calculate Your Savings

It’s easy to see the value of financing program. The graph below shows the monthly cash flow comparison between average home equity financing, Air Conditioning loans, Air Conditioning Lease Finance, and grid utility bills. You can start saving money from day one. Activate a Loan online today at

Getting Started: Easy As 1-2-3
  1. Activate a Loan on our secure online application
  2. Once approved, you can go to any contractor of choice. If you do not have a contractor in mind, your financing expert will put you in touch with a Premier Qualified Contractor who will walk you through a variety of options.
  3. After you decide on a contractor, and the Installation of your New Air Conditioning System is installed, we will call you to verify that everything is to your liking. Once you are Satisfied then we fund your contractor.
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